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France Industrie’s Position Paper regarding Single Market Emergency Instrument (SMEI) Legislative proposal

France Industrie is convinced by the necessity of establishing a Single Market Emergency Instrument (SMEI) regulatory proposal in order to ensure the availability of essential products in the single market. In addition, France Industrie considers that the European Parliament and the Council should take into account, among others, some suggestions such as the development of an advisory group, the planification of emergency measures, etc.


France Industrie’s Answer to EC Consultation on an European Critical Raw Materials Act

France Industrie’s proposals regarding a “European Critical Raw Materials Act” (CRM Act) focus on three main pillars: building, incentivizing, and consolidating European CRMs value-chains.


Towards an EU Critical Raw Materials Act

Tomorrow will be «low carbon and digital ». But it will also be highly intensive in the demand on critical raw materials. A new geopolitical landscape will progressively replace the «oil and gas triangle» paradigm of Saudi Arabia, US and Russia. In parallel, the EU intends to reinforce its autonomy and is committed to become carbon neutral by 2050.


Making the EU Chips Act deliver for French and German industry

The semiconductor industry is critical to our modern economy. As semiconductors are decisive for virtually every industrial product, from automotives to smart home appliances, a reliable supply of chips is vital for Europe’s economic success, resilience, digital sovereignty and stability.


L’Industrie cimentière, 4 propositions pour garantir la souveraineté industrielle

Présidentielle 2022 : pour ne pas rater ce rendez-vous et garantir la souveraineté industrielle d’un secteur clé pour l’économie, nous soumettons aux candidats à l’élection présidentielle 4 thématiques majeures.
Nous attirons l’attention des décideurs sur la nécessité d’une politique publique claire, avec des engagements sur le long terme, qui donne une visibilité suffisante aux investisseurs.


Making the EU Chips Act deliver for French and German industry

The rationale for an EU Chips Act

Few industrial sectors are as critical to our modern economies as the semiconductor industry. As semiconductors are found in virtually every industrial product, from automotive to smart home appliances,a reliable supply of chips is vital for Europe’s economic success, resilience, and stability.


Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Legislative proposal, 14 July 2021

Europe : Considerations and proposals of France Industrie

1. Scope of covered products
2. Phasing-out of free ETS allowances and compensation for indirect carbon costs
3. Support for downstream sectors and exporting industries
4. Circumvention
5. Trade relations and import procedure


Mécanisme d’ajustement carbone aux frontières de l’Union européenne Proposition législative du 14 juillet 2021

Europe : Considérations et propositions de France Industrie

1. Périmètre des produits couverts
2. Suppression des quotas gratuits de l’ETS et de la compensation des couts indirects du carbone
3. Soutien aux secteurs avals et aux industries exportatrices
4. Contournement
5. Relations commerciales et procédure d’importation


Position paper: New EU Industrial Strategy Update

Europe:  Summary of France Industrie’s proposals for the new EU industrial strategy update:

  1. Aiming at an operational approach to ecosystems
  2. Deepening the methodology of industrial dependency analysis
  3. Accelerating Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs)